Foot Master® Levelling Caster Wheels – GD-GDN-GDR Series

Blyth Enterprises are the sole distributor in Australia for the Foot Master® GD, GDN and GDR series of levelling casters.



At Blyth Enterprises we know all too well that moving a piece of equipment into its required location, applying a wheel braking mechanism, and setting the equipment into the exact position is easier said than done in many caster applications; Foot Master® levelling casters offer a smart solution to this problem.

Unlike most levelling casters found on the market, Foot Master® Levelling caster has a heated steel raceway for smoother swivel operation and longer product life.
Foot Master® levelling casters are designed with an innovative axle, a patented system, to eliminate the hazards such as vibration axle in a moving mode, resulting in protecting your equipment and operators.

The Foot Master® levelling casters come in three ranges: GD, where the you have access to the side of the caster to adjust the levelling; GDN, Where the you have access to the rear of the caster to enable levelling adjustment, and GDR, where the caster has a ratchet attachment to enable levelling adjustment.

Download your copy of the Foot Master® Spec Sheets

To view the full range of specifications of the levelling casters that we are able to supply to you, please click on the red buttons below to download a copy of the specifications sheets.

GD Range Specification Sheet GDN Range Specification Sheet GDR Range Specification Sheet

The Perfect Caster For Many Applications – You will find Foot Master® levelling casters integrated into the design of many products and equipment ranging from conveyor stands, work stations, and manufacturing and assembly machinery to name a few.



Genuine Foot Master® Levelling Casters

Once positioned in the exact spot of operation, the anti-vibration foot pad is lowered, and the caster wheel is lifted off the ground, making the equipment completely stationary.

Side and Back Access – Convenient Multiple Designs – Foot Master® levelling casters offers two type of access in levelling caster use. The single rear access opening, offered by most levelling caster manufacturers, can be a limiting feature in variety of applications. Foot Master® offers an additional body design with two side access, where the application thumb wheel might be limited.

Foot Master® levelling casters utilize three devices to raise and lower anti-vibration foot pad. Foot Master® levelling casters are the ideal solution for Products/equipment that need to be moved from one location to another occasionally. This design with a rear support structure additionally adds strength and durability to the body in more demanding applications as shown in the picture below.

GD Footmaster - 3 types of Handles