Blyth Enterprises supply the largest range of adjustable levelling feet in Western Australia.

We stock a range of heavy duty riveted adjustable levelling feet with the handling of many weight ratings and an ideal choice for heavy equipment that requires a good degree of angling scope. These stainless steel adjustable levelling feet are ideal for heavy industrial, light industrial, commercial or workshops that are located in a wet or wash down areas. Adjustable levelling feet can solve problems with uneven floors and we often supply to businesses in the hospitality, retail, food, mining, medical, fishing, marine, manufacturing and any light or heavy commercial industry who require level structures for heavy equipment.

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(HDR Series)

The HDR is a heavy duty, multi-adjustable pedestal foot, ideal for heavy machinery with a 30° pivot angle. The complete unit including base, stud and locknut are 304 stainless steel, making it perfect for wash down areas.

Riveted from below the foot, to allow upward pressure.

Comes complete with antislip pad and locknut.

Part #SizeABCDEF
BaseThread LengthOverall HeightBase HeightThread SizeRating
HDR 40/M10/8040/M1040809915M10700kg
HDR 60/M12/8060/M1260809915M121200kg
HDR 60/M12/18060/M126018019915M121200kg
HDR 60/M16/8060/M16608010315M162000kg
HDR 60/M16/18060/M166018020315M162000kg
HDR 90/M16/8090/M16908010315M162000kg
HDR 90/M16/18090/M169018020315M162000kg
HDR 90/M20/10090/M209010012315M203500kg
HDR 90/M20/18090/M209018020315M203500kg