Trolleys are objects with wheels used to transport light, medium and heavy items from one place to another. They are commonly used in warehouses and other industrial environments to increase efficiency and to protect workers from back strain and sprains caused by improper lifting techniques and lifting heavy items.

Blyth Enterprises have one of the largest ranges of trolleys in Perth. We stock a wide range of:

  • Platform trolleys
  • Folding trolleys
  • Stock trolleys
  • Cleaning trolleys
  • Multi-Tier trolleys
  • Order picking trolleys
  • Furniture trolleys and dolly’s

Importantly, we only stock the best quality trolley models from trusted brands like Enviro Skate, Prestar, Fooma, Rapini and others.

How to safely use a trolley

Before using a trolley, you should always check that the trolley can safely handle the weight of the intended object and that your planned path is clear. Avoid using the trolley on uneven surfaces.

If the item is large or irregularly shaped, you may need to seek assistance. Next stand close to the trolley, keep your elbows bent, shoulders relaxed and push the trolley forward (rather than pulling it backwards). Pulling the trolley increases your risk of injury as you cannot see where you are walking and can put unnecessary stress on your shoulders and back. You could also catch your foot on the trolley or its wheels. When pushing the trolley, move slowly and assess your surroundings. When you are finished return the trolley to its designated area.

Not sure which trolley is right for the task or your industry?

As the Perth trolley specialists, our sales team can advise you on the most appropriate trolley and wheel for your work environment. We are also able to advise and guide customers with the repair and maintenance of old trolleys and on other trolley matters, just give us a call on (08) 9445 1622 or visit us in-store.