At Blyth Enterprises, wheels and castor wheels are our primary business. We deal only with the very best wheel and castor wheels manufacturers.

Unlike some of our competitors, we do not import cheap copies or try to cut costs with cheaper materials. Instead, we have focused on developing a reputation as Perth and Australia’s number one quality wheel and castor supplier.

We are able to supply castors and wheels from LAG, Tente, Fallshaw, Catford, G-DOK, FootMaster Castor Wheels, QHDC  and others, giving us one of the largest range of castors in Australia.

We are now happy to announce that we are able to supply Foot Master Automated Guided Vehicle Castors also known as AGV Castors. Features of these types of Castors are they apply bearing steel with higher strength than structural steel in the swivel head. In addition, it has a very soft motion via minimization of friction through tolerance control of the swivelling parts. To find out more contact us today.