At Blyth Enterprises, we are both wheel and hand trolley specialists. This allows us to assess and fit the most suitable wheel to any hand trolley you might need.

At our Osborne Park store, we stock a wide variety of both locally made and imported frames and multiple wheel options to suit any and all work environments. Our range includes:

  • Hand trolleys
  • Sack trolleys
  • P handle trolleys
  • Pram handle trolleys
  • Fridge trolleys
  • Stock trolleys
  • And many other specialist trolleys

Importantly, we only stock high quality and reliable hand trolleys and associated products from trusted brands including RuXXac, Easi Tilt and others.

How to safely use a hand trolley

When used correctly, hand trolleys are great for lifting and moving large items. First ensure that the planned path is clear of obstacles, that the hand trolley can handle the weight of the intended object and that the trolley does not affect your field of vision. Avoid using the hand trolley on rough or uneven surfaces if possible. Next, stand close to the hand trolley, tilt it backwards so that the load is balanced between the platform and the support frame, then push (not pull) the hand trolley. Return the trolley to an upright position and its designated location when you are finished to avoid accidents or incidents.

Unsure of which trolley is right for the task or your industry?

Our sales team are highly knowledgeable and can assist you to select the most appropriate hand trolley and wheel for you. We can also help with the maintenance and repairs of old hand trolleys in Perth. Additionally, if you need a new tyre, a new tube or a complete wheel to revitalise your old equipment, we have stock on-site to help you!