UFR Series

Tente’s UFR series is one of the most versatile ranges available. Unlike low quality knock offs Tente use an extremely high quality elastic rubber. This gives the UFR series a surprisingly high load capacity when compared to other brands.

UFR Features

  • Elastic Rubber (Great shock absorption for smooth quiet running).
  • Non marking
  • Roller Bearing (Easy to push).
  • High load capacities for a rubber wheel.
  • Useful on a variety of surfaces.
  • Can be used as industrial, medical or general purpose.
  • Available in a swivel, Swivel/locking or rigid frame.
  • Durable Zinc frame.
Tread width:34mm40mm
Plate size:105 x 85mm105 x 85mm
Overall height:128mm155mm
Load Capacity:160kg250kg