UAP Hospital Bed Series

The UAP bed castors cater specifically for the medical industry. Designed to work for specially designed beds usually found in hospitals, this range of casters commonly has a gearing system that allows a bed to be quickly and easily operated by a single person. The gearing system can change the castors from a full swivel mode (for high maneuverability) to track lock mode (easy to push in a long straight line) and also total lock mode to prevent the bed moving at all.

UAP Bed castor features

  • Available in sizes from 100 – 200mm diameter.
  • High quality polyurethane tread.
  • Can suit Hex or D cam beds.
  • Dual wheel option prevents wheels getting stuck in elevator gaps.
  • Available in Swivel/Total Lock or Swivel/Total lock/Directional Lock.
  • Precision bearings.
  • Low noise smooth rolling wheels.
  • Synthetic cover to protect wheel internals.

When choosing a Tente bed castor we suggest you give our experienced sales staff a call to discuss all options as there are many more available.

Dual wheel option

Single wheel option