Equipment handling is now made easier with our range of Foot Master casters made for automated guided vehicle (AGV) trolleys and carts. Safely move your equipment with our AGV casters – built to self-align and ensures that when an AGV picks up your trolley, the casters stay in line and do not swivel, reducing accidents and contact with walls and pedestrians. The Foot Master casters can bear loads of 100kg-400kg and are available in aluminium and steel core finishes.

Our range of AGV casters are made from polyurethane materials, allowing excellent repulsive elasticity and prevents slipping during AGV start/stop and is resistant to fine shocks from damaged floors. Browse the individual casters below or contact Blyth Enterprises today for more information.

GATD (Tilting structure)
GASD (Shock absorbing)
GSAD/GAAD(Dual Swivel)