Blyth Enterprises supply the largest range of adjustable levelling feet in Western Australia.

We stock a range of sizes of fixed adjustable levelling feet with the handling of many weight ratings. These adjustable levelling feet are ideal for heavy industrial, light industrial, commercial or workshops. The A-Justa-Foot fixed adjustable levelling foot can solve problems with uneven floors and can be applied to furniture, cabinetry, machinery, benches and shelving.

There are many uses for the fixed adjustable foot, and we often supply to businesses in the hospitality, retail, food, mining, medical, education, manufacturing and any light or heavy commercial industry who require level structures that can or cannot be moved.

Within our A-Justa-Foot range, we can supply ball jointed and bolt down adjustable levelling feet in a range of sizes.

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Fixed A-Justa-Foot is available in Zinc Plated Mild Steel Thread (40 Series) OR 304 Stainless Steel Thread (41 Series). Only vertical height adjustment available (no pivot angle adjustment).

Fixed A-Justa-Foot (40 Series)

Zinc Plated Mild Steel Stud

Part No. Size A B D E Rating
40/40/M8/35 40xM8 40 35 20 M8 350kg
40/40/M10/35 40xM10 40 35 20 M10 500kg
40/40/M10/95 40xM10 40 95 20 M10 500kg
40/60/M12/60 60xM12 60 60 25 M12 800kg

Fixed A-Justa-Foot (41 Series)

304 Stainless Steel Stud

Part No. Size A B D E Rating
41/40/M8/35 40xM8 40 35 20 M8 350kg
41/40/M10/35 40xM10 40 35 20 M10 500kg
41/40M10/60 40xM10 40 60 20 M10 500kg
41/60/M12/60 60xM12 60 60 25 M12 800kg

Available in other stud lengths (B) as required, if ordered in quantity. Contact us for a quote.

Fixed A-Justa-Foot (Levelling Foot)