The standard range of Lemcol rollers are manufactured with an ‘oval’ shaped formed axle. This effectively locks the axle in the frame and holds the inner bearing firmly thus ensuring maximum efficiency from the ball race. An internal spring at one end enables the axle to be laterally moved for ease of assembly, alterations to roller pitch or removal for maintenance.

Three ranges offered to suit standard applications and operating conditions. The rollers in curved sections are of the double differential type, enabling cartons etc. to maintain a controlled course and not wander to the outside of the curve.

Although manufactured to suit the Lemcol gravity conveyor frame, non-standard lengths and axle types are available on application.

If adverse operating conditions are encountered , it is important that you refer to your nearest Lemcol representative to ensure the best selections possible. For instance, galvabond rollers and polypropylene rollers with sealed stainless steel bearings and axies are available to suit moderate to heavy corrosive conditions.

As rolier capacities quoted are for moving at objects. selections should also take into account possible impact. where a heavier roller is more suitable.

For ease of movement and reduction in damage, there should always be a minimum of three rollers under the commodity at all times. where there are multiple sizes of products involved, roller pitch is determined by the smallest commodity to be moved.