Attic Ladders – AM Boss Access Ladder

The AM Boss access ladder is the perfect solution for those looking to expand their available storage space or even to just make access to a ceiling easier. Please contact our sales staff to discuss the most appropriate attic ladder for you. Blyth Enterprises SUPPLY ONLY and do not do installation of Attic Ladders.


For technical specifications and installation instructions please visit the AM Boss Ladders website.


We stock the AM Boss Access Ladder these type of attic ladders come in a number of  sizes, see below. 

AM Boss attic ladders need to be pre ordered and are supplied flat packed. It is very important to get the correct model ladder for your ceiling height. We recommend you speak to our sales staff to work out the best ladder for your job.


ModelCeiling Height
21532150 – 2300mm
23452300 – 2450mm
24602400 – 2600mm
26802600 – 2800mm
28302800 – 3000mm
30203000 – 3200mm
32403200 – 3400mm
34603400 – 3600mm
36803600 – 3800mm
38403800 – 4000mm