3 Step with Bracket

Top Step Height : 690mm

Weight : 10.6 kg

LJL Code : 310B

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1. Extra wide and deep treads (360mm x 230mm), without sharp corners or edges.

2. Non-slip aluminium chequer plate design or black synthetic covering.

3. Large corrugated plastic foot pads ensure stability and protect flooring.

4. Optional: Set of 4 practical rubber-tyred castoring wheels. The ball-bearing fitted wheels are spring mounted so that the wheels retract under load, ensuring stable standing when the step ladder is in use.

? Easy Wheeler Kit also available (Two wheels at rear to tow ladder with pick-up and tilt action).

5. Folding Safety Bracket provides a secure hold ? includes plenty of space to hold tools, and also has a bucket hook on each side. (Safety Bracket height is 720mm on all models except for the 2-Step which is 475mm.)